Top 10 NAIA Schools in Georgia 2023

Looking to pursue higher education and excel in athletics? Georgia boasts several prestigious NAIA schools known for their athletic prowess and academic excellence.

In this article, we present the top 10 leading NAIA schools in Georgia, highlighting their campuses, athletic conferences, and sports programs.

Whether you aspire to play soccer, basketball, or any other sport, these institutions offer exceptional opportunities for student-athletes to thrive.

Reinhardt University

Reinhardt University, situated in Waleska, Georgia, is a private institution renowned for its robust athletic programs.

Competing in the Appalachian Athletic Conference (AAC) within the NAIA, Reinhardt University provides a nurturing environment for student-athletes to achieve both their academic and athletic goals.

Georgia Gwinnett College

Located in Lawrenceville, Georgia Gwinnett College is an NAIA institution affiliated with the Association of Independent Institutions (AII).

With a wide range of sports programs, this college has established a strong reputation for athletic success in various disciplines.

Point University

Point University, a Christian institution with its main campus in West Point, Georgia, actively participates in the NAIA as a member of the Appalachian Athletic Conference.

Known for its competitive athletic program, Point University offers student-athletes a holistic educational experience.

Middle Georgia State University

:Middle Georgia State University, with multiple campuses across the state, competes in the NAIA as a member of the Southern States Athletic Conference (SSAC).

Emphasizing the importance of both academics and athletics, this university provides a diverse range of sports programs.

Brewton-Parker College

Situated in Mount Vernon, Brewton-Parker College is an NAIA institution recognized for its strong athletic tradition.

Competing in the Appalachian Athletic Conference, this college offers various sports programs and opportunities for student-athletes to excel.

Life University

Life University, located in Marietta, Georgia, is primarily known for its chiropractic and health sciences programs.

However, the university also provides NAIA athletics and competes in the Mid-South Conference.

With a commitment to overall well-being, Life University offers student-athletes a chance to thrive both academically and athletically.

Thomas University

Situated in Thomasville, Georgia, Thomas University is a member of the Sun Conference within the NAIA.

With a wide range of sports programs, this university creates a supportive environment for student-athletes to achieve their full potential.

Coastal Georgia Community College

Coastal Georgia Community College, located in Brunswick, Georgia, is an NAIA member competing in the Southern States Athletic Conference.

This college offers various athletic programs, providing students with opportunities to pursue their sporting passions.

Truett McConnell University

Truett McConnell University, a private Christian institution in Cleveland, Georgia, is part of the Appalachian Athletic Conference.

With a focus on character development and academic excellence, this university offers diverse sports programs at the NAIA level.

Albany State University

Albany State University, a historically black university, currently competes in the SIAC (Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference) as an NCAA Division II member.

Although not an NAIA member yet, Albany State University has expressed interest in transitioning to the NAIA in the future, making it an institution to watch for aspiring student-athletes.

If you’re a student-athlete seeking a remarkable educational experience coupled with exceptional athletic opportunities, Georgia is home to several outstanding NAIA schools. From Reinhardt University


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